The WHILL Ci Personal Electric Vehicle

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Freedom To Pursue Your Adventures...In Style

This is the hottest new product we've seen in a long time! Discover a newfound freedom and desire to further explore and engage in the things you love. From outdoor adventures to indoor activities, Model Ci will complement your every move.


  • Short wheelbase, narrow frame.
  • Responsive controls.
  • Tight turns.


  • Up to 5 mph, 10 mile range.
  • Superb stability & durability.
  • 2" obstacle clearance.
  • Travel unhindered over rough terrain with a 2.25” ground clearance.

Safe & Secure

  • A responsive, ergonomic and simple to use controller allows you to navigate your world effortlessly and enjoy all-day comfort.
  • Keep engaged in your activities and embrace your surroundings by knowing Model Ci will provide the necessary response and feedback to keep you riding safe.

The Latest Technology at Your Fingertips

  • Enjoy greater peace-of-mind and independence, and receive premium support with the embedded intelligent innovations, such as the very latest in bluetooth controls and 3G connectivity.
  • Use the iPhone and Android* app to remotely drive Model Ci, lock/unlock to keep it secure, and choose a drive mode that’s right for you.
  • Also, access key device information and battery health to ensure your Model Ci is operating at its best.

Keep Your Devices At 100%

  • Charge your mobile devices with the built-in USB port.

 Power & Flexibility At Your Fingertips

  • Lock/Unlock with the optional Smart Key.



Live Unpredictably

  • Model Ci quickly disassembles into three lightweight components for transport in any vehicle with room to spare.
  • Assembly is just as easy to get you quickly moving again at your destination.

Learn more about the WHILL Model Ci Personal Electric Vehicle on our website, or contact us today to book at test drive.