Staff Picks - The Buckingham Foldeasy Raised Toilet Seat

Posted on in Bath Safety, Raised Toilet Seat

buckingham foldeasyJanet Moore, Manager at SelfCare North Shore, has a few things to say about her staff pick - the Buckingham Foldeasy, a great choice in a raised toilet seat. SelfCare: Janet, your Staff Pick is the Buckingham Foldeasy, what makes this one of your favourite products? Janet:  Stability and adjustability. There are so many small features built into the Buckingham Foldeasy that make it an easy-to-use and popular alternative to the toilet safety frame or a raised toilet seat with arms. Here are my top 6 points:

  1. It is very stable and doesn't wobble.  Most of the toilet safety frames have a couple of adjustment points so they have some wobble in them. The Buckingham Foldeasy is solid and this is very reassuring for people.
  2. It has a great height adjustment range from 26.75" to 34.75" (67.9 cm to 88.3 cm) from the floor to top of arm at the highest point. While most toilet safety frames are "height adjustable" this is usually just an inch or so to align the curve of the frame and the height of the toilet bowl to the floor.
  3. The foam arms are comfortable and have a very comfortable, gentle curve that makes it easier for most people to push themselves to standing. Most toilet safety frames have hard plastic arms.
  4. No installation. Our field technicians often need to cut the bolts off the toilet to remove the seat and install the toilet safety frame. The Buckingham Easyfold just sets around the toilet quickly and easily with no fuss.
  5. Easy to fold - Hmm - I guess that's where the "FOLDEASY" name comes from. There is a locking spring loaded pin on each side that needs to be pushed in to release the frame so it doesn't fold unintentionally. But it is easy and you can do each side separately. It folds it up quickly so you can have it out of the way when company arrives.
  6. Goes with any toilet seat. Like the toilet safety frame, you can use any toilet seat raiser with the Buckingham Foldeasy, and with the height adjustment, the arms are always at the right height for the user.
SelfCare: Wow Janet - seems like the Buckingham Foldeasy is the perfect companion to any toilet.  Are there any limitations of the Buckinghame Foldeasy? Janet: Weight and size are limited to 280 lbs (126 kg) user weight capacity and the width between the arms is 20.25" (51.4 cm).  The width means it fits in most bathrooms, but it can be too small for heavier customers. The widest setting on toilet safety frames is usually 20" so you can only get more width between the arms by using a heavy duty commode over the toilet. SelfCare: What about the foot plate? How does that work? Janet: The foot plate is extra assurance that the frame is secure and stable. The user is standing on the foot plate when using the Buckingham Foldeasy -  so it really can't move! It lowers down from the one side and clips to the other side at the bottom of the leg.  It makes it one secure, easy to use unit. SelfCare: Score the win for the Buckingham Foldeasy! The Buckingham Foldeasy is available for $177.95 from SelfCare locations. Learn more about the Buckingham Foldeasy on SelfCare's website or give Janet a call at 604 990 9422.