Live Life At iLevel®

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Life happens at eye level.

When you combine the extra-smooth ride & advanced stability of the Edge 3 power chair with the the 12" power seat elevation of the iLevel (at a walking speed of 4.5 mph), you get a stylish, unique & incredibly functional power chair that will noticeably enhance your daily living.


 Edge 3
  • Upgraded SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) - makes curb climbing so much easier!
  • Includes fender lights & USB charger.
  • Drive wheel colour accents are standard.
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  • Available on the Edge 3; can be retrofitted.
  • 12" of power adjustable seat height while at walking speed.
  • Extra Stability Technology™ enhances safety for transfers, reach & many other activities of daily living.

A Day In The Life with iLevel

Watch an example of a typical day for Stephanie Woodward, a Quantum® consumer advocate and "My Edge" team member. Stephanie, who is Director of Advocacy for the Center for Disability Rights, uses her Q6 Edge® 2.0 Power Chair with iLevel® power adjustable seat height to help her perform her activities of daily living.

See how the iLevel can save thousands of dollars that would have been necessary for a home renovation - just by having the option of a 12" power seat height adjustment.


Would you like to demo this product? SelfCare has a brand new Edge 3, fully loaded with iLevel, power tilt, power recline & power elevating centre footboard. This chair is available for demo in your home or at any of our 4 community locations. Just contact us and we'd be happy to arrange a demo for you.