Home Accessibility - Real Life Case Studies

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Home Accessibility can allow you to stay safely at home & can play an important role in fall prevention. Check out some real life examples below for inspiration, or contact us if you have any questions! We can help to make your home safer, starting with a FREE in-home consultation.


Curved Stairlift

  • The railing is mounted directly onto your stairs with stations every few stairs.
  • Rail can be powder coated any colour.
  • The rail is lightweight, modular & pre-drilled, allowing a clean, quick and simple installation.
  • Easy & safe access to multiple levels of your home.

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Powered Folding Rail

  • This feature is used to prevent a tripping hazard on the base level or if the floor has radiant heat & can't be drilled into.
  • The chair has a sensor which signals the rail to fold up and down once it gets to a certain point.
  •  Once you get out of the chair, you can send the chair back up to the top, with the rail folding up, creating an open walkway with no hazards.

Curved Ceiling Track in Bathroom

  • This type of setup allows for several transfer points, including change table, bathtub, toilet, commode and wheelchair.
  • Can also be used if there are multiple people with different accessibility needs who share the bathroom.


Indoor & outdoor stairlifts are another way to create a safe & accessible entrance to & exit from your home. Did you know that you can rent a stairlift (indoor or outdoor) if you only need one temporarily, or if you have a loved one coming to visit? We offer free in-home estimates for these as well. We'd love to hear your questions! Contact us today.