Aids To Daily Living - Small Things That Make A Big Difference

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Small things can make a big difference to your daily living.




For example, did you know that the Handi-Reacher has a magnet that you can use to pick up pins, paper clips or other small metal objects?

Read more about the Handi-Reacher.

Hand Held Shower With Extra Long Hose

Easily shower while seated in the bath or shower stall. Ask us for the version with the extra-long hose (108") if you need a little extra length.

Read more about the handheld shower.


Joystick Protector

Waterproof for rainy days! Electronics & moisture don't mix, so this is a must-have if you're out & about in Metro Vancouver.

Learn more about the Joystick Protector.


Chair Protector

Highly absorbent to protect your lift chair or power recliner, plus it's machine washable for easy cleaning. Pro tip - buy 2 so you can switch them out without having to wait for the laundry.

Read more about the Chair Protector.


Handy Handle

Eliminate unsafe & uncomfortable grabbing & pulling when helping someone stand up from a seated position. The Handy Handle provides a much better grip & leverage than just your hands. Safer & very economical!

Read more about the Handy Handle.


Handy Bar

Ever wonder how this device actually works?

Check out this 30 second video to see exactly how handy the Handy Bar is. Plus, you can cut your seatbelt AND break a window with it if you ever get trapped in your vehicle.

Pairs extremely well with the Padded Swivel Cushion below.

Read more about the Handy Bar.


Padded Swivel Cushion

This cushion makes it much easier to swivel to get in & out of your vehicle, especially if you have back pain or other mobility challenges that make it difficult to swivel.

Pair with the Handy Bar above to make your vehicle exit even easier!

Read more about the Padded Swivel Cushion.

Do you have any questions about these products, or about how to make your home safer? Contact us now online or visit one of our locations- we'd love to help!