Curb-Sider® Lift

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Category: Accessibility - Home and Vehicle

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**Installation into your vehicle is not included in this pricing and will be a separate charge. Please contact us for more information.**

Available for a wide variety of vehicles, the Curb-Sider® is the Bruno's most popular solution for lifting and transporting scooters or powerchairs inside a vehicle using a hoist. Stand near the bumper or curb, connect the docking device, push a button and Bruno's Curb-Sider lifts and stores any mobility device up to 400 lbs/118 kg. With a compact design, the Curb-Sider requires a minimum amount of space.


- Top-selling Bruno hoist-style lift
- Vehicle-specific design
- Telescoping off-set arm version for wide bumpers/smaller vehicles and additional bumper clearance
- Power lift, rotate, stow
- Potential to reinstall in another applicable vehicle
- Fold-down lift head allows partial third-row seating/extra space when mobility device not present
- 400 lb Weight Capacity
- 3-Year Limited Warranty
- Made in the USA

Model #: VSL-6000/VSL-6900

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Product Specifications

  • VSL-6000 Lift Capacity: 250lb/114kg; Heavy Duty: 400lb/181kg
  • VSL-6000 Installed Weight: 75 lb/34 kg; Heavy Duty: 80 lb/36 kg
  • VSL-6000 Min. Opening Height: 29 in/737 mm
  • VSL-6000 Adjustable Post Height: 30 in/76 cm - 41 in/104 cm
  • VSL-6000 Adjustable Outer Arm: min 23 in/58 cm - max 32.5 in/83 cm
  • VSL-6000 Adjustable Outer Arm: 6 degrees
  • VSL-6000 Warranty: 3-year limited warranty
  • VSL-6900 Lift Capacity: 400lb/181kg
  • VSL-6900 Installed Weight: 83 lb/38 kg
  • VSL-6900 Telescoping Lift Head Travel: 8 in/20 cm;6 in/15 cm manual adjustment
  • VSL-6900 Min. Opening Height: 29 in/737 mm
  • VSL-6900 Adjustable Angle Outer Arm: 6 degrees
  • VSL-6900 Adjustable Post Height: 30in/76cm min - 41in/104cm max
  • VSL-6900 Adjustable Outer Arm: 23 in/58cm min - 32.5"/83 cm max
  • VSL-6900 Rotation Limit: Yes
  • VSL-6900 Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

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