Vicair Vector O2 Cushion

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The first machine washable wheelchair cushion for maximum hygiene

The Vector O2 is the first air displacement wheelchair cushion that is entirely machine washable without the use of a laundry bag. The Vector O2's open cushion structure ensures 100% breathability and ventilation. This improves temperature and humidity control, which increases the comfort significantly.

Fully machine washable wheelchair cushion

From a hygienic point of view it is preferred that a wheelchair cushion can be washed. Especially after bowel or bladder accidents. It is unpleasant if you have to remove the filling before washing. The new Vicair O2 range cushion can be put in the washing machine in its entirety. The SmartCells in the cushion do not have to be removed before washing. Therefore the cushion is perfect for use in nursing homes and/or for everyone that desires maximum hygiene of their wheelchair cushion.
* The Vector O2 is the first air displacement wheelchair cushion that is entirely machine washable without the use of a laundry bag.

100% breathable and ventilation

The Vector O2’s open cushion structure ensures 100% breathability and ventilation. Using a breathable cushion improves temperature and humidity control, increases comfort and reduces the effect of shear and friction on tissue deformation, thereby reducing the risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Boxing Effect for maximum stability and optimal comfort

The cushion has a zipper running all the way around the cushion's mid-section, which allows it to better retain its volume, increasing support and reducing the risk of SmartCells slipping out from under the user. The Boxing Effect also allows the therapist to adjust the number of SmartCells (only if necessary) while the user remains seated on the cushion.

Unique layout for optimum stability

The Vector O2 has no less then 8 compartments, each with it’s own unique function. This layout is identical to the Vicair Vector. Thanks to the unique design the cushion provides a high quality pressure distribution, making it a perfect anti-decubitus cushion. The anatomically shaped seat surface provides a high level op stability to support optimal the optimal seating position.

Handy loop to air dry the cushion

At the back of the cushion there is a handy loop. Use this loop to hang the Vicair Vector O2 and air dry the cushion quickly and easily. The loop also makes sure that the O2 Top Cover is always installed correctly. The cover features a small hole where the loop can pass through.

Special O2 Top Cover

The Vector O2 standard comes with two special O2 Top Covers. The cover is made of a breathable material and only covers the upper side of the wheelchair cushion. The bottom of the cushion remains completely open to allow the cushion to breathe continuously. This means optimum ventilation and comfort for the user. Because you have two covers you always can have a clean one.

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Product Specifications

  • Widths: 14" - 24"
  • Depths: 14" - 24"
  • Height: 2.4" or 4"
  • Cushion Weight 2.4" Height: +/- 1 lb depending on size
  • Cushion Weight 4" Height: +/- 1.9 lbs depending on size
  • Weight Capacity: 550 lbs
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Material: Latex free

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