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The SS RetractaBed® – The Safest and Most Ergonomic Low Bed

Med-Mizer's RetractaBed is the ultimate choice for space saving and for resident safety, convenience and independence. The resident no longer has to stretch out over the bed to get something off the table; when the one button Clinical Contour position is activated, the head section of the bed hugs the wall, keeping the resident in proximity to the bedside cabinet and overhead lighting. The resident has complete control over the retraction feature.

Special Product Features
Retracting bed frame: moves you up the wall rather than away thereby reducing potential falls or assistance for reaching items on your bedside cabinet
Embedded controls: fixed controls in assist bar or head rail reduces replacement handsets
Optional Med Support Arm: three position head rail used as an assist device or placed in guarded position
Clinical Contour: exclusive feature that reduces skin shear and the repositioning of residents
Expandable width: bed expands to 42 inches wide without the use of tools for more comfort and flexibility
Functional lockouts: standard feature to prevent unnecessary operation
Soft non-marking bumpers come standard to protect the wall from damage
The bed can be vertically transported for easy storage or getting through doors
High-low functioning
Head functioning
Knee functioning
Therapeutic foot rack increases comfort by allowing for adjustment of the lower leg position so it can be parallel to the bed
Standard head and foot boards available in 4 types of wood

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Product Specifications

  • Deck Height: 9" to 25"
  • Sleep Surface: 35" x 80" or 35" x 76"
  • Maximum Safe Working Load: 450 lbs.
  • Bed Length (retracted 80" length deck): 71"
  • Bed Length (extended 80" length deck): 85"

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