Street Jet Wheelchair Attachment

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Category: Wheelchairs - Manual, Power, Tilt

The Street Jet is a small, detachable motor made of Aluminium 7020; incredibly light and resistant. The attachment is remarkable – line up, push on and you’re connected!

The Street Jet’s clamp is a wonder. Fitting any sized tube, all that’s required is to line up perpendicular to the frame and snap into place! There’s no small parts to turn or flick, just a black paddle that can be operated with just your palm: great for anyone with limited hand function!

Technical specifications

  • LCD Display
  • 5 speed
  • Various engine powers available (from 250w – 500w)
  • 36v/16 OR 48v/11.4 Ah battery with USB connection
  • Various sized wheels available (between 12" – 20”)
  • Shimano disc brake
  • EBS Regenerative Brake System (some models only)
  • Easy Jet Fix (attaching arm)
  • Available in various colours

Four Models Available

  • Street Jet Ultralight 12" 250W - the lightest one in the family.
  • Street Jet Power 12" 500W - more power, more distance.
  • Street Jet Ultra Power 16" 500W - the most powerful of the range.
  • Street Jet Explorer 20" 500W - the off-roading dream.

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