Quilted Hammock Sling with Head Support, Superfine Plus Fabric

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Rental slings available in Sm, Med & Lg sizes.

The Replacement Quilted Hammock patient sling with Head Support is a full body supportive sling ideal for general transfers. The sling benefits from a divided leg pick up position with shaping of the leg paddles which gives additional support to each leg/thigh area making this style more suitable for active patients or asymmetrical body shapes.

The sling can be used in the divided leg pick up position or by laying each leg paddle onto each other to create a hammock pick-up position.

Superfine Plus fabric is a 'spacer fabric' for users who may have skin integrity issues. This multi-stretch fabric made of three-dimensional mesh adapts to the user's body shape. It's ideal for in-situ use* and can be used for bathing. The fabric dries quickly and can be tumbled at a low heat without shrinkage.

*Paired with the specific in-situ sling type/design. Risk assessment should always be carried out in reference to skin integrity for in-situ slings.

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  • Weight Capacity: 485 lbs
  • Sizes Available: Sm, Med, Lg, X-Lg

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