Disposable Universal Sling - Loop Style

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Designed for single patient use, can be reused until soiled or wet.

The Disposable High Easy sling is a full body, divided leg sling with an stiffened head support. This style of sling is very supportive and cocooning as well as being easy to apply. It is supplied with loop fixings and has padding to the legs as standard. Tailoring to the shoulder and commode areas ensures a more fitted finish. This sling is suitable for use on standard loop fixing spreader bars.

Designed for single patient use only, for the duration of a short stay, unless sling shows any signs of deterioration and destroyed if soiled. There is no maximum number of transfers associated with disposable slings. Disposable slings are designed for short term use and should be inspected regularly for end user safety. All slings are fitted with a warning ‘DO NOT USE’ label which only becomes visible when in contact with liquid as an additional safety measure.

Available in small, medium or large.

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Product Specifications

  • Weight Capacity: 440 lbs
  • Shoulder Circumference Small: 30" - 33.8"
  • Top of Head to Base of Spine Small: 27.1" - 30"
  • Shoulder Circumference Medium: 33.8" - 37.8"
  • Top of Head to Base of Spine Medium: 30" - 33.5"
  • Shoulder Circumference Large: 37.8" - 42.5"
  • Top of Head to Base of Spine Large: 33.5" - 36.2"

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