VC™ Pelvic Back Support with Vicair® Technology Cushion

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The VC™ – Pelvic Back Support with Vicair® Technology Cushion Back has an adjustable Vicair back cushion which is ideal for tilt chairs or users with a kyphotic posture or with the potential for skin breakdown on their spine. The back cushion has eight pockets that can be individually adjusted for a customized fit or for comfort and postural support. The unique "Quickfit" mounting hardware is quickly and easily installed and can be adjusted to optimize postural positioning for each individual. Quickfit provides the ultimate in adjustability and fits 1" or ?" or ¾" cane diameters without shims. In addition, Quickfit has more range of adjustment than most backs including, height, 5" of depth, 25 degrees posterior/anterior angle adjustment and even rotation.

The nxt Back Support Series offers a range of contours to provide Posterior, Posterior-Lateral and Posterior Deep Lateral support. The Scapula cut-out shape is designed to provide excellent support and comfort while enhancing the user's natural range of motion. For optimal positioning of the pelvis, Pelvic-lumbar support pads can be uniquely positioned to customize the fit for the user. The wide range of sizes and contours provide exceptional support and comfort.

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Product Specifications

  • Product Weight: 4 lbs
  • Back Height: 16 - 20"
  • Back Width: 16 / 18 / 20"
  • Contour: 6"

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