Spex SuperHigh Contour Cushion

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Category: Wheelchair Seating

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Curved to meet your needs.

Using the proven Spex strategic positioning base technology, the SuperHigh contour cushion creates an optimum pelvic foundation for the user that requires extra pelvic and hip immersion.

Its properties provide hip/leg envelopment as well as an ideal pressure redistribution all over the seat cushion. The medial thigh support combined with lateral thigh supports maximizes the user stability, providing greater balance and support on upper body.

Developed in accordance with listening to feedback from medical professionals and clients alike, the SuperHigh cushion features ‘stepped’ thigh contouring, bringing added benefits to users who require deep envelopment positioning. This lower profile contouring to the rear of the cushion, allows for hip positioning belts, posture variances, and in some cases to allow for the back support to be positioned over the cushion.

The SuperHigh contour cushion's body-hugging nature delivers comfort and daily sitting relief; while the 3D breathable mesh fabric helps in reducing moisture and temperature.

Position for Windswept or Hip/Femur Alignment Variances

Step-down pelvic contouring area allows for greater positioning of users with windswept or variances with their hip/femur alignment, whilst still providing deep pelvic immersion for ultimate pressure relief and comfort.

Deep Pelvic Immersion

Lower stepped rear profile whilst still providing deep pelvic immersion, allows for ultimate pressure relief and comfort on lateral side of the pelvis.

More Clearance for Hip Positioning Belts

Lower rear pelvic region gives more clearance for hip positioning belts to have more contact on the users pelvis and thighs.

Stability and Control

Good abduction and adduction control of the thighs and knees is achieved using SuperHigh medial and lateral contouring profile in the front half of the cushion.

Maintain Pelvic Stability

With the adjustable positioning base, pelvic stability is maintained at all times.

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Product Specifications

  • Width: 10" to 20"
  • Length: 10" to 22"
  • Trough Height: 3.15" to 3.94"
  • Cushion Height: 2" to 3"
  • Approx. Weight: 2 to 6.2 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 10 - 15": 200 lbs / 16 - 20": 300 lbs
  • Base: Strategic positioning base
  • Inner Cover: Wipe down Spextex fabric
  • Outer Cover: Washable breathable spacer fabric
  • Can Be Customized?: Yes

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