Comfort Arm

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Category: Wheelchair Seating

Price From: $310.00

  • Comfortable straps for securing the arm. Can be easily adjusted or removed.
  • Provides support for contractures and tone, while also preventing finger drop.
  • Moldable option can be used to elevate fingers preventing edema.
  • 22" Long design provides finger support for all users, preventing edema.
  • Available as Standard, Low, and Tall Rail.
  • 14, 17 or 22” long (Standard or Low Arm).
  • 22” long (Tall Rail).
  • Standard & Low are 6” wide.
  • Tall is 7” wide.
  • Basic arm option available – 3 x 9” or 3 x 14”.
  • Moldable option on Standard, Low & Tall.
  • Option – Swing away hardware w. rotating base. Can also be adjusted front to back by 7”.

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