LTC 9200 T-Style Configurable Mattress

Rent From: $125.00

Pressure Re-distribution Focused on Coccyx and Heels

LTC 8000 Gel-In Mattress

Price From: $1,299.00

For Heat Regulation and Energy Absorption

LTC 4000 Ultra 55 Mattress

Price From: $1,209.00

For Pressure Redistribution, Longevity and Greater Weight Capacity

LTC 4000 Plus Mattress

Rent From: $125.00

For Pressure Redistribution and Temperature Control

LTC 3500 Active Care Mattress

Rent From: $125.00

For Active Pressure Redistribution, Resiliency and Longevity

LTC 2500 Basic Comfort Mattress

Price From: $779.00

Designed for clients with muscle weakness who find it difficult to move in bed. Combines a top comfort ...

Fall Mat - Folding Bedside Security Pad

Price From: $395.00

Ultra lightweight for easy handling Folds in half for effortless storage under the bed ...

LTC Headboard & Footboard Pads

Price From: $237.00

Protection for patients at risk for tissue trauma

LTC Side Rail Pads

Price From: $340.00

Side rail padding for restless or agitated individuals

MBP 500 Mattress Base Protector

Price From: $220.00

The MBP 500 Mattress Base Protector addresses the need for additional protection for mattresses that ...