Full Body Mesh Sling

Price From: $240.00


Reliant 350 Stand-Up Lift with Manual Low Base

Price From: $4,200.00Rent From: $300.00

Power stand-up lift for users up to 350 lb. offers adjustability, support and comfort.

Reliant 350 Stand-Up Lift with Power Base

Price From: $4,550.00

Battery Powered Stand-Up Lift with Power-Opening Base - 350 lb weight capacity

Reliant 450 Electronic Patient Lift with Power Opening

Price From: $4,630.00Rent From: $275.00

The Reliant 450 prevents caregiver back injury and ensures dignity in patient handling.  The ...

Reliant 600 Bariatric Patient Lift

Price From: $4,350.00

The Reliant 600 llifts provide a large lifting range that allows for patient transfers to high surfaces, ...

Reliant 600 Heavy-Duty Power Lift - Power Base

Price From: $4,800.00

Battery powered full body patient lift with a 600 lb weight capacity and powered low base

Transport Sling, Standard Size

Price From: $278.00Rent From: $32.00

Easily transport user from bed to chair, chair to car, or general in-room transport.