Full Electric Bed - 5411IVC

Price From: $1,989.00Rent From: $185.00

**$185 monthly rental includes 1 set of side rails**Invacare® Home Care Beds deliver long-term ...

Full Electric Home Care Bed - Low - 5411IVCLOW

Price From: $1,989.00Rent From: $200.00

**$200 monthly rental includes 1 set of side rails**Features and Benefits  Universal ...

Etude HC Homecare Bed

Price From: $2,419.00Rent From: $250.00

The new Invacare® ETUDE HC Homecare Bed™ is the ideal choice for community home care. With ...

Tilt-Top Overbed Table

Price From: $189.00Rent From: $35.00

Features and Benefits Adaptable tilt-top allows three angle positions in either direction ...

Auto-Touch Overbed Table

Price From: $149.00Rent From: $35.00

This overbed table is height adjustable, making it perfect for users when reading, writing or ...

Invacare® Solace® Prevention 3080 Mattress

Price From: $469.00Rent From: $85.00

The soft heel section is upgraded to visco-elastic foam to cradle the sensitive area. This product ...

Bariatric Trapeze

Price From: $2,329.00

Features and Benefits Four-piece sub-assembly significantly reduces set-up time ...

Clamp-On Half-Length Bed Rail

Price From: $279.00Rent From: $20.00

The Clamp-On Half-Length Bed Rail offers quick set-up, and a durable design


Price From: $169.00

Height adjustable overbed table with both tilt and telescoping capabilities.

Hospital Bed - Semi-Electric

Price From: $1,689.00

The Semi-Electric Bed combines effortless positioning of the upper body and knees with the economy ...

Invacare Glissando Gliding Mattress

Price From: $1,020.00

High-density foam mattress with a gliding layer designed to help improve clinical outcomes.

Reduced Gap Full-Length Bed Rail

Price From: $229.00Rent From: $20.00

Invacare's new Reduced Gap Bed Rails take the proactive approach to bed rail safety.  The ...

Trapeze Bar

Price From: $319.00Rent From: $85.00

This trapeze attaches to either end of the bed providing residents with a positioning device that ...