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SelfCare’s Rental Equipment Program

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Use Rental Equipment?

Renting medical equipment provides:

  • An exact price. Renting provides you the maximum flexibility to utilize the exact equipment that is needed only when it is needed, at an exact price.
  • Confidence it is the right equipment for you. Renting allows you and your care team to try the equipment before you buy it, so you make sure you are comfortable with the equipment. And with SelfCare, 100% of the first month’s rental is always deducted if the item is purchased.
  • A short-term solution to an immediate need such as recovery from hip replacement.
  • Flexibility to change your equipment when a medical condition is continually changing equipment requirements.
  • Quick availability. Renting from SelfCare’s large inventory allows you to make sure the equipment fits your needs when you need it. Often rental equipment can make a hospital discharge possible.
  • No maintenance worries. SelfCare will immediately replace or repair any rental equipment that breaks or needs repair.

Try Before You Buy and Rent-to-Own Programs

Try our equipment before you buy – 100% of the first month rental and 75% of any additional months’ paid rentals are deducted if the item currently rented is purchased. Our Rent-to-Own program deducts 100% of your first month rental and 75% of each subsequent month’s rentals towards the purchase of your equipment. This easy payment process lets you use the equipment while you pay for it. You never worry with SelfCare rental equipment. We repair and maintain your rental equipment at NO CHARGE to you (unless the equipment has been wilfully damaged). Contact us for more details.

SelfCare’s Rental Inventory

SelfCare stocks the widest range of quality rental equipment including current and specialized equipment as well as bariatric products. The large stock of inventory means that SelfCare will have the item you need available for rent when you need it. New items are continually added, so call us when you need rental equipment.

SelfCare’s Easy Rental Process

SelfCare’s rental program is geared towards flexibility – one day, one week, one month rentals or Rent-to-Own. We provide assistance with equipment choices, deliver the equipment to your home and install if required, and have flexible payment options.

Rental Equipment Guarantee

Our rental equipment is ready to use in safe operating condition now. We guarantee delivery, setup, take down, and removal of the equipment within a maximum of one to two business days (depending on the specific location) of receiving a request for the services.

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