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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

For Clients

Why do you recommend that I work with a therapist before buying equipment?

An occupation or physical therapist understands how your body moves and reacts. When medical equipment is needed to make your life more comfortable or mobile, the options are endless but at the same time very limited, depending on your body type (height, weight, problem areas, etc). Therapists can understand your medical condition and how to optimize your medical requirements with equipment. Many times the best situation is to coordinate a meeting with the therapist and SelfCare at the same time, so the equipment can be trialed in the environment where you will be using it.

How do I find a therapist?

SelfCare has a listing of local therapists. There are therapists in each Community Health Unit and private therapists. Call us for contact information.

I live in a care home. How do I buy things from you?

SelfCare will visit you in your care home to discuss your medical equipment and supplies needs. We will then bring them to you, set them up or install them, and guarantee they “fit”. If at any time they need servicing, we will come to your care home to do the servicing. If the product needs to be serviced at our repair shop, we will provide you with a replacement until yours is fixed.

Can I buy your products on line?

SelfCare believes that you are best served if you work with a therapist or with our staff members so that the medical equipment and supplies purchased best meet your needs. The internet does not allow for this level of service.

If I buy a scooter from SelfCare, how do I get it home?

SelfCare delivers its products to your home or care facility. Our delivery staff will ensure that the scooter is ready for you to use, will provide a demonstration of how it works and how you should look after it, and will answer any questions you have.

What equipment is available on SelfCare’s consignment program?

Primarily lightweight manual or tilt wheelchairs are available, but contact us for more information. When you purchase a new wheelchair from SelfCare, we offer a consignment service to resell it for you when you no longer need it.

Why should I use rental medical equipment?

Renting medical equipment provides excellent benefits including:

  • An exact price. Renting provides you the maximum flexibility to utilize the exact equipment that is needed only when it is needed, at an exact price.
  • Confidence it is the right equipment for you. Renting allows you and your care team to try the equipment before you buy it, so you make sure you are comfortable with the equipment. And with SelfCare, 100% of the first month’s rental is always deducted if the item is purchased.
  • A short-term solution to an immediate need such as recovery from hip replacement.
  • Flexibility to change your equipment when a medical condition is continually changing equipment requirements.
  • Quick availability. Renting from SelfCare’s large inventory allows you to make sure the equipment fits your needs when you need it. Often rental equipment can make a hospital discharge possible.
  • No maintenance worries. SelfCare will immediately replace or repair any rental equipment that breaks or needs repair.

What is the BC Palliative Care Program?

The BC Palliative Care Benefits Program removes the financial barrier for BC residents who want to receive palliative care services at home. See the BC Palliative Benefits Brochure for more information.

For Health Care Professionals

Our facility needs to know more about therapeutic surfaces. Can you assist us?

SelfCare will visit your facility to provide an inservice on therapeutic surfaces to your staff members. Simply call us to arrange it.

We offer inservices on the products SelfCare sells, in store or at special venues. These are free and are held frequently.

If you would like access to our “Health Care Professional Resource Page” that contains a full listing of our inservices and product reference sheets, contact Kim Mackie for a username and password.

I need a very specialized piece of equipment. Can you get it for me?

Chances are that SelfCare will have the equipment in stock. We stock the largest inventory of medical equipment and supplies in the Lower Mainland. We are well versed in products and can offer alternatives if we do not have the specific item you were looking for. Or if need be, we are able to order equipment on your behalf.

I need a wheelchair for a client but am unsure which one is best.

SelfCare provides demo equipment for trial. Your client can test a variety of wheelchairs before making a purchase decision. We also have an extensive rental equipment program, which is useful if your client wants to test the equipment for long periods.

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