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Slipnix Bath Mat

Slipnix Bath Mat

Our Price from $39.95

The Slipnix Bath Mat is a non-slip, thin tub or shower safety mat that is permanently applied to the surface of a bath tub or shower. This is a permanent bath mat. It is clear so the colour of the tub can show through. (White is also available.) It has a special adhesive backing which does not loose its grip, but it can be removed (with effort) without damaging the surface of the tub or leaving a residue.

Special Product Features

  • Slipnix is virtually impossible to slip on, even with soap on it
  • Thin, textured surface so there is no risk of tripping over the edge of the mat
  • Made of an inert material (manufactured by 3M) that will not allow mold or mildew to grow with normal maintenance
  • Easy to maintain with any household cleanser
  • Need a safe, non-slip surface in the tub or shower
  • Can be cut to fit the exact size required or cut a drain hole in the centre for a shower stall
  • Size (overall)-30 ½” long x 16 3/8” wide
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