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Seating - Cushions

Seating and positioning options allow you to customize your wheelchair to reflect your needs. You can add cushions, trays, headrests and other items to ensure your wheelchair is comfortable and useful. SelfCare will help you choose the seating and positioning items that best suits your needs. If you are looking for a particular item that is not listed, please give us a call.

Show rentable products only - Seating - Cushions

EMP Shape Wheelchair Cushion
Dynamic nxt Seating Series Cushions
ROHO Cushion
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ROHO Quadtro Select Cushion
Rent me
ROHO Enhancer Cushion
Rent me
ROHO Hybrid Elite Cushion
Invacare MaTRx Vi Cushion
Invacare Infinity Contour Cushion
Rent me
Invacare Matrx Flo-Tech Cushion
Sunrise Jay Ion Cushion
Sunrise Jay Union Cushion
Sunrise Jay Fusion Cushion
Vicair Academy Adjuster 6 and 10 Cushions
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Future Mobility Prism Supreme Cushion
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Sunrise Medical Jay J2 Cushion
Rent me
Sunrise Medical Jay Easy Cushion
Sunrise Medical Jay Duo Cushion
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Sunrise Medical Jay J-Gel Cushion
Sunrise Medical Jay Soft Combi P Cushion
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Sunrise Medical Jay J3 Cushion
Comfort Company M2 Zero Elevation Cushion
Pride Mobility Solution 1 Cushion
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Pride Mobility Simplicity Cushion
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Relax Gel-Air Cell Cushion
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